Care information

The brass I use is untreated. It is in the nature of silver and brass to tarnish over time. Although it can be polished back to it’s original state,
we encourage the wearer to embrace the evolving finish of the metal.

If preferred one can use a product like silvo or brasso to restore the original finish OR a bath in a hot salty vinegar solution and scrub with an abrasive brush will work. Jewellery should always be removed before showering.

Get in contact if you’re in need of any help.

Why brass?

Brass is a wonderful material, apart from being a lot more ethical than silver or gold (because it’s an alloy typically made from recycled metals) it really allows for an expressive approach to making. It can be inhibiting to have the high stakes of precious metal when making so brass is my antidote! Keeping my work somewhat accessible in price is really important to me and using brass also happens to mean I can charge a bit less for my pieces :-)

Repair or Refurb

If you own a piece of freya im jewellery that needs a good professional clean, a small repair or if you have lost one earring please get in touch with me directly. Love your pieces for longer with my help!